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 Scooby Dazza and his 11 second car, 00' UK Drag Impreza

For Sale – See here…

464 BHP and 505 ft/lb of Torque. Currently running 11.63 at the 1/4 Mile (with more to come). For more information, or to contact Darren, please click on the Forum

Guy's, (Infectus_Guy) Kawasaki GPZ750 Turbo Feature.

It had the stock Hitachi turbo that couldn't keep up with the engine capacity and the standard injectors/throttle bodies that couldn't keep up with the fueling. As well as this the engine had been reassembled using the old gaskets (including head gasket!) or failing that, excessive amounts of silicon sealer. I suspect the engine had succumb to oil starvation at some point because one of the big ends gave up on the way home from buying it. For weeks I was playing around with the camshafts hoping it was only the top end but eventually a 2 month engine rebuild ensued. (see project writeup in the Forums).


Jason's, (TDiFurby) High Performance Skoda 260Bhp, 55Mpg Fabia

It started life as a normal Fabia TDi. Jason’s Skoda now threatens all comers – petrol and diesel alike. Join the forum, and checkout TDiFurby’s threads on his 260bhp, Nurburgring assassin. Jason was at our Rolling Road Day, to prove his worth earlier this year. Video’s can be found in the RR Day section, on the TuningHouse forum.

Ben Skett's JDM Honda Integra Type R DC2 Touge

Ben has been tuning his 1996 Honda Integra Type R for some time. We think you will agree, one of the finest looking DC2's around. And he states "this car was marketed as the best FWD handling car ever produced, and i cant argue with that".

More information on the site - sign up to read about this well sorted DC2